Let’s Cultivate Self-Care With Art Therapy

Let’s Cultivate Self-Care With Art Therapy

Cultivate Self-Care With Art Therapy

Art therapy has long been used as an effective way of cultivating self-care. Many studies have revealed that cortisol levels drop drastically when you make art. If you don’t already know that, cortisol is a stress-related hormone and a drop in its levels means that you start feeling relaxed. So, let’s explore further as to how art can help cultivate self-care.

Art Therapy For Self-Care

Art therapy has long been used as a mental health practice that uses art materials with the creative expression for treating the feelings of anxiety and depression, medical ailments, and social problems. When you create art, regardless of your skill level, you are engaging your mind, spirit, and body in a restorative way to achieve lots of amazing benefits. Art therapy can help you reduce your anxiety and stress and increase your self-esteem at the same time.

Creating art allows you to look outside of yourself seeing the world that is around you with a whole new perspective. Your attention is focused on the piece that you are creating and all the minute details which bring that piece to life. This low-intensity act won’t leave you feeling depleted, and you’ll feel more open-minded and soothed instead.

How To Include Art Into Your Routine?

Everyone may not have access to a credible art therapist and, therefore, you should look for simple ways that could help you incorporate some sort of art and creativity into your daily life. Here are a few options you might want to consider.

1. Buy Yourself An Adult Color Book

It’s been a few years now since adult color books started gaining popularity. Amazing patterns to dive into, flowers, nature scenes, mandalas, even classic 50's cars to color. It's a simple option for bringing some art into your daily life. The options are endless, t. ey have complex or simple therapeutic imagery. When you focus on filling the artistic images with color, it can help deviate your mind from the feelings of depression or isolation. 

2. Create Vision Boards

Vision Boards can also be a great way of bringing art into your everyday life. They aren’t just for the occasions like New Year. You can use them year-round as you see your goals, ambitions, and dreams evolving. They allow you to materialize your ideas and promote a sense of self-care and motivation. 

3. Experience Art Therapy

Tapping into your creative side through art can be a great way of getting more social in your everyday life. When you join an art class for beginners, it allows you to connect with other like-minded people and can help alleviate the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and social anxiety.

Alternatively, you can also try our art therapy kit. We cover several topics and in our Wellness module, we focuses on the key issues below. 

We hear words like self-care and self-love. What does this really mean? Things like sorrow, grief, loneliness, trauma come up, but we are ill-equipped to deal with these feelings. We explore activities expressing these emotions.

Another area we get in touch with direct portals to transformation. Not just a bandaid on a gushing wound, but true healing and growth. Imagination can be transformational for healing and our fun activities delve into that with a wide selection of materials to choose from to create your personal journey.

So, if you want to cultivate the feelings of self-care, art therapy can play a significant part in it. Once you start making your art, you won’t feel depressed or isolated anymore.