Oefy Announces Online Art Therapy Services

Instant, On-Demand Art Therapy Activities Aim to Reach Women at Home. 

 Oefy announces the release of a new program called Online Art Therapy. This therapeutic service is designed to bring real value to those dealing with challenges during quarantine, and need a creative outlet. By embracing technology with effective art projects, transformative healing unfolds.

To add more options during this challenging time and help with emotional needs, Oefy created a multi-media course of on-demand art therapy activities. These uplifting art projects provide opportunities to explore your feelings in the comfort of your home.


- Discover coping skills by using both sides of your brain

- Increase your communication skills and gain insights

- Heal your traumatic stress through creative expression


Creative Wellness - Online Art Therapy


The COVID-19 crisis has greatly affected all of us but has especially impacted those with physical and mental health-related disabilities. In-person art therapy services cannot reach everyone. Mental health is crucial to our well-being, even more so during this difficult time. We want to directly connect with the community as a whole and provide creative wellness.

Online is growing as many people find it a safe space for emotional healing. The unique feature of using both sides of the brain differentiates it from talk therapy. Art therapy helps people work through emotional and somatic-based problems such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, panic, and addiction. Course material is self-paced and presented with easy step-by-step directions. We ship all the necessary materials and supplies, to ensure a quality experience off-line. 

“I use art therapy to help people navigate around personal trauma, stress,” says Oefy. “You can really see the impact when emotional struggles are processed and channeled through art.”

For more information, please contact Oefy at info@oefy.com or at 425-524-9319. Registration for the Online Art Therapy Course begins this Thursday, December 17th. Click here to register.

About Oefy

Oefy - Art Therapist

Professionally known as Jennifer Jensen, Oefy is an American artist and Registered Art Therapist. She strives to make art therapy accessible and meaningful for healing & wellness. For over 20 years, Oefy has facilitated art therapy in dynamic locations to creatively confront issues and help reshape entrenched behaviors and provide a better perspective. She has expanded to offering art therapy online to help more people explore their personal stories and emotional healing.