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Art Kit - Ultimate Creative Wellness

    Art Kit: Ultimate Creative Wellness


      The Art Kit for Ultimate Creative Wellness can help you transcend words to express emotions. Immerse yourself in these therapeutic art activities to improve your mental wellbeing. 60+ Activities, enough for a whole year for creative fun!


      • Beautiful Kit with all of the Art Supplies needed
      • Guidebook with easy Step-by-Step Directions
      • On-Demand Art Therapy Video Lessons
      • 60+ Activities & Project materials
      • Shipping Included


      • Allow the expression of emotions
      • Develop self-awareness
      • Explore your personal story
      • Improves problem-solving & self-esteem
      • Learn coping skills & emotional regulation
      • Decrease stress & increase calmness
      • Develop emotional resilience 
      • Increase personal reflection
      • Identify individual strengths

      Experience transformative self-care with this Unique Ultimate Creative Wellness Kit.

      Each kit is custom-made, unique, and a bundle of awesome creativity! 

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