Ultimate Art Therapy Kit: 60 DIY Activities + Guidebook (Black)
Themes Explored Through Art Activities
Ultimate Art Therapy Kit: 60 DIY Activities + Guidebook (Black)
Ultimate Art Therapy Kit: 60 DIY Activities + Guidebook (Black)
Ultimate Art Kit - Includes File Folder with a variety of paper for creativity
Online Art Therapy Course app
Life is a Journey - Explore your story with the Art Kit
Ultimate Art Kit - Person holding and Displaying Kit
Experience Creative wellness with art therapy

    Ultimate Art Therapy Kit: 60 DIY Activities + Guidebook (Black)

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      The Art Kit for Ultimate Creative Wellness can help you transcend words to express emotions. Immerse yourself in these therapeutic art activities to improve your mental wellbeing. 60+ Activities, enough for a whole year of creative fun!

      Experience transformative self-care with this Unique Creative Wellness Kit.


      • Allow the expression of emotions
      • Develop self-awareness
      • Explore your personal story
      • Improves problem-solving & self-esteem
      • Learn coping skills
      • Discover emotional regulation
      • Decrease stress & increase calmness
      • Develop emotional resilience┬á
      • Increase personal reflection
      • Identify individual strengths

      Each project comes with easy step-by-step directions to do at your own pace and on your own schedule. All in the privacy of your home.


      • Moleskine┬«┬áJournal
      • Organized BLACK Storage Case
      • 60+ Activities & Keepsake Projects
      • High-Quality Art Supplies & Materials
      • Guidebook with┬áStep-by-Step Directions
      • File Folder - Pre-filled with lots of paper
      • Lots of Embellishments & much more!
      • On-Demand Art Therapy Video Lessons
        (Portal Access Code is included in the kit)

      Channel your anxiety, anger & sadness with effective activities using art store quality supplies & materials in a beautiful storage case. Each kit is custom-made, unique, and a bundle of awesome creativity! Conveniently, shipped directly to your door :)

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