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Teen Art Therapy Mini Kit: <br>Creatively Heal
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Express your emotions creatively with the Teen art therapy kit- oefy.com
Teen Art Therapy Mini Kit: <br>Creatively Heal
Teen Art Therapy Mini Kit: <br>Creatively Heal
Art Kit: Express your personal story

    Teen Art Therapy Mini Kit:
    Creatively Heal

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      Our Exclusive Teen Art Therapy Kit is a collection of therapeutic art activities to facilitate and foster healing. 

      This amazing kit is filled with healthy distractions to engage in. With 15+ activities, each one geared to a specific therapeutic theme for teens. Each activity includes instructions, art store quality supplies (suitable for teens), and interesting materials to inspire creativity.

      Activity Themes:

      🧠 AWARENESS:
           Delve into Your Life Story

           Create Clarity & Resolve

      🌿 PLANTING:
           Tap into Mindful Practices

      ❤️‍🩹 RECOVERY:
           Alleviate Anxiety

      ✨ WELLNESS:
           Focus on Self-Care 


      Teen Art Therapy Mini Kit Includes:

    • Organized Storage Case 
    • Art Store Quality Supplies
    • 15+ Activities & Project Materials
    • Project Cards: Step-by-Step Instructions
    • On-Demand Art Therapy Video Lessons 
          (Portal Access Code is included in the kit)

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