Teen Recovery Art Therapy Workbook & Kit
Express your emotions creatively with the Teen art therapy kit- oefy.com
Explore Through Art Activities Teen Recovery
Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit
Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit
Art Kit: Express your personal story

    Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit

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      Our Exclusive Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit is a collection of 20+ therapeutic art activities to facilitate and foster healing.

      The workbook includes prompts to fill in and instructions for the tactile activities.

      Each kit includes art store quality supplies and interesting materials to inspire creativity. 

      This amazing kit is filled with healthy distractions to engage in. 

      Activity Themes:

      🧠 AWARENESS:
           Delve into Your Life Story

           Create Clarity & Resolve

      🌿 PLANTING:
           Tap into Mindful Practices

      ❤️‍🩹 RECOVERY:
           Alleviate Anxiety

      ✨ WELLNESS:
           Focus on Self-Care 


      Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit Includes:

    • Organized Storage Case 
    • Art Store Quality Supplies
    • 20+ Activities & Project Materials
    • Activity Guide & Workbook
    • On-Demand Art Therapy Video Lessons 
          (Portal Access Code is included in the kit)

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