Teen Art Therapy Kit

This Teen Recovery Art Therapy Kit is a collection of therapeutic art activities to inspire and foster healing.

This amazing kit is filled with healthy distractions to engage in. With 20+ activities, each one geared to a specific therapeutic theme for teens.

Ultimate Art Therapy Kit: 60+ Activities - Guidebook Included (Pink)

Self-Care Art Projects for Adults, with Creative Wellness Guidebook, Art Supplies & Journal. Great Gift for Self or Loved One.
Deluxe Version with lots of materials & variety.

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What my Clients say
“Omg, I felt like I was at a spa, it was so relaxing. Your voice is soothing and the project was calming. I really liked the experience.”
L. H.
“It’s helped me. I’m no longer in that dark space.”
Brooke M.
"This kit is a great alternative to traditional therapy. I'm new this and am enjoying myself."
Ally. C
“I didn’t think about using, that was a good feeling. I like the art project, it got me thinking about other things.”
Dan G.
"Her voice is so soothing. I felt so relaxed during the art exercise."
"I really enjoy the creativity."

About Art Therapy...

Art Therapy Kits to Improve Mental Health
What is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy is facilitated by a professional art therapist and can help personal goals through integrative methods of art-making, providing an alternative mode of communication.

In addition, the visual and symbolic expression allows emotional, creative, and spiritual growth through the kinesthetic, sensory and perceptual experience.

Art therapy can help you transcend words to express your emotions. Immersing into creative activities can improve your mental well-being.

All ages and abilities can benefit from this alternative therapy.

No art experience is needed.
Testimony for Online Art Therapy
How Does Art Therapy Help?
Creating art 🎨 can offer untapped feelings of calm when overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

The therapeutic process of self expression through art, can foster a new mindset and gain insights by using both sides of the 🧠 brain.

It can help you:
- Provide an outlet to manage feelings in a more positive way.
- Give you the confidence to resolve past & present issues.
- Increase your self-esteem & develop a greater self awareness.
- Gain clarity and perspective on your personal topics.
Man creating with  the art therapy kit, at home focusing on drawing his feelings
What is the Ultimate Art Therapy Kit?
It is an all-inclusive self-paced, therapeutic art program to improve your mental well-being. The Kit encompasses One year's worth of high-quality art therapy activities.


  • A Beautiful Kit with all the needed Art Supplies + Tools
  • Guidebook with easy Step-by-Step Instructions
  • On-Demand Art Therapy Video Lessons
  • 60+ Activities & Project materials

Experience transformative self-care with the Ultimate Art Therapy Kit.

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Art Therapy has powerful magical benefits. It can can help...

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Landmark...

Art therapy has long been used as an effective way...

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