Art Kit: 15+ Art Therapy Activities (Green)

Channel your anxiety, anger & sadness with effective activities & projects, using art store quality supplies & materials in a beautiful storage case.

To ensure a quality experience, this Art Therapy Kit includes everything you need...

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What my Clients say
I really liked the experience
“Omg, I felt like I was at a spa, it was so relaxing. Your voice is soothing and the project was calming. I really liked the experience.”
L. H.
It’s helped me
“It’s helped me. I’m no longer in that dark space.”
Brooke M.
"This kit is a great alternative to traditional therapy. I'm new this and am enjoying myself."
Ally. C
I didn’t think about Using
“I didn’t think about using, that was a good feeling. I like the art project, it got me thinking about other things.”
Dan G.
I felt so Relaxed
"Her voice is so soothing. I felt so relaxed during the art exercise."
Fun Project
"I really enjoy the creativity."

Oefy's Notebook

Musings & Thoughts

Art therapy has long been used as an effective way...

Can art therapy help with anxiety? Yes, for many of...

Art therapy has long been used for treating psychological disorders...

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