To help Individuals who want to focus on improving their mental health, overcoming challenges, feel calmer, increase wellbeing and be happier.

I facilitate Creative Wellness with art activities using both sides of the brain; to help guide elevated thinking, process emotions, and lead to a more fulfilling life.

Fragile Planting Growing in Eggshell

Just like every plant starts off as a sapling, fragile, & determined, we all grow at our own pace. Setting roots and leaning into what nourishes us.

Sometimes that may be from elements that are unhealthy. Other times we may be lonely.

My aim is to create self-awareness, facilitate you to bring positive change, to help you understand and appreciate your personal story.


Oefy - Art therapistWith over 20 years of experience as a Registered Art Therapist, I’ve facilitated thousands of Art Therapy sessions in a wide variety of locations and clientele. From addiction & recovery centers, psychiatric hospitals, a prison, nursing homes, college students, & more. I am passionate about helping others through art and hope to have the opportunity to help you too.

I’d like to share how Art and Art Therapy has helped me. I’ve always been drawn to painting fictional landscapes, and meditative abstractions as a form of expression and healing. It keeps me occupied during times of stress, confusion, and anxiety. It has helped me grasp life’s turmoil and everlasting landscape. 

I believe in optimism, and in the inherent good of all people. Embracing diversity, differences & uniqueness is more important than ever. My various work experiences taught me that not everyone thinks or works the same.

I realized that I had a real gift and authority in art therapy after a few years of working at the forensic hospital. The patients were the most difficult clientele there could possibly be. Incarcerated Felons, coupled as psychiatric patients with every kind of psychological illness under the sun. With long sentences, no freedom, there is much resentment and little initiative to get better. Art really helped them; become calmer, and more resilient to the ongoing stresses. 

In addiction centers, art helped those recovering the ability to see theirs wounds to foster healing. It taught them alternative activities and coping skills to turn to during times of craving and triggers. 

I’m grateful to share these successful methods I facilitated in top-notch clinical settings. These sought-after recovery centers transformed so many lives & families. I've included the best thought-provoking activities in these unique kits. 


What Does the acronym OEFY stand for?


I explain here...

Optical Escapes For Yonder  


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