Oefy with an Art Therapy Kit

Oefy is the nickname of Jennifer Ann Jensen, a registered art therapist with over twenty years of experience.  In addiction centers, art helped those recovering, the ability to see their wounds to foster healing. She taught alternative activities & coping skills to turn to during times of cravings and triggers. Oefy is now focused on creating products that expand creativity for individuals and businesses.   

Oefy with an Art Therapy Kit

Looking for a unique way to decrease stress and improve emotional well-being? Check out our art therapy activities kit!

art therapy kit in pink zippered case - 20+ Expressive Art Projects to Soothe Anxiety, Calming Mindfulness, Improve Self-Awareness and Coping Skills.

Now in Pink!

OEFY Expressive Art Therapy Kit

20+ Alternative Art Projects to Soothe Anxiety, Coping Skills, Satisfying Art Therapy Activities, Helps Clarify Thoughts. Therapist Tools for Mental Health and Wellness.


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