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Covid-19 and Art Therapy

Covid-19 and Art Therapy

Online art therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved and developed to fit the needs of the communities served.  Art Therapists had to quickly develop creative and art-based virtual spaces for therapeutic work.

A recent Special Issue Editorial by Art Therapist, Gretchen Miller & Alex McDonald highlighted 4 important topics.

Creative Wellness - Online Art Therapy

Oefy Announces Online Art Therapy Services

Instant, On-Demand Art Therapy Activities Aim to Reach Women at Home. This therapeutic service is designed to bring real value to those dealing with challenges during quarantine, and need a creative outlet.
Chiluly Gardens & Glass Seattle - Oefy

Chiluly Gardens & Glass in Seattle

I recently visited Chiluly Gardens & Glass in Seattle. It is remarkably untouched, and I highly recommend visiting it, as soon as you can. It is a very special, fragile place. Seize the moment, when you have it. You won't regret it! Here are a few of my Unsplash photos of the visit.
Process emotions through art therapy

Art Therapy to Process Emotions

Using the creative art process for helping individuals explore and express their emotions is the objective of art therapy. There are endless possibilities that allow individuals to express their feelings or emotions through art. For instance, playing with the watercolors in a sensory-based activity or creating a family collage may help one explore their feelings which are reflected in their selected images.
Starting Off - sapling, fragile and determined

Starting off

Just like every plant starts off as a sapling, fragile, and determined, we all grow at our own pace. Setting roots and leaning into what nourishes us. Some time that may be from elements that are unhealthy. Other times we may be lonely.

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